Handmade Pottery versus Mass Produced Pottery

Not all of us knows this but pottery is the first synthetic material made by man. Like every craftwork or artwork, it is a beauty to behold. While pottery or ceramics making has taken several forms over the millennia (like figurines), the essence of making pieces like home utensils or decorative vases have never changed. In the world today, there are several ways via which these pottery products can be made. But each of these techniques is tailored for a specific kind of pottery and as such can be classed into two kinds of quantity production; mass made potteries and handmade potteries.

While mass made or produced potteries outweighs or holds certain merits over handmade potteries in terms of the volume of produced output that is available, hand produced potteries has its own upsides and benefits. They are;

Quality: Pottery products which are made by hands are far more superior in terms of quality compared to those pottery products that are mass made. This is because it takes potters more time to craft the pottery, select quality clay materials for making it and offer adequate supervision during the production process like glazing.

Going Green: Handmade potteries requires less energy during its firing process to make them. Unlike mass-produced potteries which requires an enormous production assembly line in which a large amount of energy is utilised during it firing process. This energy is usually sourced from the combustion of fossil fuel which is not eco-friendly.

Job Creation: Mass producing potteries involve a combination of an automated system which handles its production lines. These systems require little or no human supervision or assistance for it to be completed and as such, provides no opportunities for employment. On the other hand, handmade pottery do quite the opposite. It provides an avenue of employment to individuals as the production process from start to finish requires a human presence.

Value (Monetary): Research has shown that people value an object more highly when they are lead to believe it contains an “air of authenticity,” thereby making handmade potteries a source of great return on investment in terms of the monetary value placed on a piece of pottery when compared to its mass made counterpart.

Uniqueness: One of the most prevalent reasons why handmade potteries stand out is because it has this “aura of difference and captivation,” combined with the fact handmade pottery products have fewer available items that can be purchased. Unlike its mass produce counterpart which have a greater number of its products available for buyers to acquire. Also, handmade pottery is usually more complex in its designs or decorative details because of the amount of human effort put during the production process.

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