Aukuras pottery

Ancient Traditions – New Experiences



Andrius Šližys, self-taught potter. Born in Lithuania 1988 and since 2010 living in Netherlands. I grew up in an artistic environment, where creativity became natural to me. From an early age I was introduced to many forms of art and craft. During my life I have been participating in various festivals, concerts, exhibitions, contests, creative collectives, art projects. Pottery is more to me than just a way to earn a living, it is way to look for meaning, truth and harmony in my life.


Though I use many pottery techniques, mostly I am engaged in leaven ceramics. This ancient pottery technique came from my homeland and was very common in medieval Lithuania. One unique future of this technique is that pots will never turn out identical, each and every piece has own character. Other future – no glazing. It was used long before glazes was introduced to Europe, and main purpose of leaven ceramics was to waterproof pots. Most intriguing part of these ceramics is process itself,  when red hot ~1000°C pot is pulled out of a kiln and immersed into specially prepared liquid. Liquid has to be prepared and leavened few days in advance and it can be made of various flour, sugar, yeast, rye, wheat, peas, oats, beetroot and etc. Natural, chemicals-free, environment friendly. Always unexpected and mesmerizing results. 100% handmade, authentic ceramics.